ACCD is an evangelical version of Landmark and comparable training systems, based on the so-called Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP. This ecclectic psychological theory is inspired by Eastern religions. The ACCD organisation avoids all publicity and attracts people on the quiet, through oral invitations to friends. But many people have been hurt by Breakthrough Training and the Discovery Training, and scientists and psychologists are extremely critical. After thorough research, here are ten reasons why.

1. ACCD claims to change your life completely – within just a long weekend.

Well, doesn’t that sound attractive? Doesn’t that sound like the American Dream? Don’t we all want that? It depends. The Breakthrough Training and the Discovery Training aims Zelda at the deepest centre of problemen your being, to induce an intense experience of how to change yourself – within a long weekend. It’s not possible for ACCD to carefully control this; no human trainer can give the care and attention this needs, with thirty trainees and just four days to do it in.
That’s why regular therapy works by spreading the sessions, not more than one a day. If something doesn’t work, or is misunderstood, during the cheap jerseys next session it can be corrected. ACCD cannot correct anything. ACCD lets other ex-trainees, without any instruction, call you a few times after the training, and that’s it. Nobody is professional here, and if they do recognize a problem, you ‘have to fix it yourself’. That’s the motto. Find solutions to your own problems – problems you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t followed the training.

2. The training purposely breaks down the healthy resistance of the trainees.

On avarage, the participants sleep 6 hours and work 18 hours during the training, and that for four long days. They get three meals each day, but most times these are delayed by several hours. And even in your bedroom there’s no privacy: you sleep in the same room as other participants.
The natural consequence is that the healthy resistance of the trainees is broken down, and they get into a state of ‘emotional euphoria They feel extremely happy, and at the same time will burst into tears about anything. Of course, ACCD calls this its famous ‘breakthrough’. The foundation of it all, however, is the nonsensical dogma that you are more ‘real’ if you cannot control yourself anymore. Nothing can be further from the truth: you became a parody of yourself; so exhausted Propera that every random thought will be expanded immensely – and that is not in any way your ‘real self’.

3. The sources ACCD are highly disputed.

As ACCD itself confirmes, it is based on NLP, the so-called Neurolinguistic Programming. This method is highly praised by psychologists because it achieves quick results, but at the same time, it is not critically appraised because of the quick results. wholesale jerseys It so happens that the techniques are obsolete because they do not produce any lasting results. Think for a moment about Emile Ratelband: naturally you get a kick out of walking on hot coals especially if helped by a layer of sweat on the soles of your feet but what about the next day?
For theologians and Christians there is also this futher consideration: NLP is a development of insights from Eastern religions, while the Bible, on the contrary, distances itself from what it calls
heathenism.NLP teaches that you are the lord and master of your own interpretation of the truth: you decide for yourself what a ‘happening’ does for you. Christianity teaches that you are not totally free in such an experience; there are actually such realities as senselessness and guilt, and the deliverance must come from outside yourself.

4. ACCD adds a christian icing to the Eastern religious cake.

There is much wisdom to be found in Eastern religions, but you cant simply christianize it uncritically. The techniques of the Neurolinguistic Programmes are not neutral and very specifically presuppose a particular world view. This is a world view that ACCD time and again refers to as biblical,and substantiates this by using familiar Christian terms. This christian flavouris just as detrimental to Christians as non-Christians. ACCD is not honest about its sources with regard to Christians, nor in its intentions in relation to non-Christians. Will they really submit to training, where a group of former participants are hovering continuously in the background?

5. Positive witnesses appear to have a downside.

Naturally, there are previous participants who are very enthusiastic about the Breakthrough Trianing or the Discovery Training. That partly explains ACCDs representation of mankind: these training programmes were originally intended for assertive and egocentric Americans. Whoever approximates je to this profile can actually benefit from the training, because he can automatically get the one-sided aspects of the programme into perspective, based upon his own personal characteristics.
Alongside various positive testimonies, notice must be taken of that fact that the internet provides many illustrations of people who initially soaked it all up, but were later hit with utter disillusionment; the effect faded away, the course appeared to be really faulty, and a gulf opened up between them and their Performance circle of acquaintances. And besides that, many participants now feel thoroughly embarrassed about their negative experiences. But ACCD insists that their role is not to
doanything other than provide the tools, so you have to conclude that any disappointment is entirely your own fault.

6. The trainers receive no instruction and resist being supervised.

ACCD differs from ordinary therapists in that no one is allowed to exercise control other than itself. They keep all their exercises secret and do not allow any external authorities to supervise their training or the instruction of their trainers. This leads inevitably to tunnel-vision: those who analyse whats going on are the same as those who do the training, who have themselves been trained by the same organisation. Thats the reason why all schools undergo a school inspection, and all the churches have inter-communion advisory groups, and all therapists are members of professional associations. But not ACCD.

7. Scientists react with wholesale dismissal.

The psychiatrist and philosopher Gerrit Glas from Zwolle puts it like this: It is pure nonsense that you can demolish and reconstruct someones personality in a couple of days. Theyre not Jesus!According to him, this style of therapy was abandoned twenty years ago: ‘It is simply not possible to prove that such pressure-cooker-treatmenthelps in any sustained way. And for various forms of training, even then people have to fulfil far more preconditions than are required by breakthrough.To tell you the truth, I am afraid that participants do not come clean about themselves, but above all are forced into a new and uniform pretend-self.’
Psychiatrist Hans Meissner from Kampen also sees in NLP a failure to appreciate the reality of sinfulness, because for NLP, the fact that
it worksis more fundamental than questions about truth. And the technique is presented by breakthroughas cod-liver oil thats good for everything.Incidentally, amongst all the scientists that are so critical, there are those who have themselves undergone undercover training (see also the links below).

8. ACCD reacts phrenetically to criticism.

The training sessions begin with a manipulative trick that prematurely lulls you into a false sense of security; you are linked with another participant (your opposite) and if you leave the training, the rule is that this partner must also leave. This leads to a situation where many participants stay, purely out of shame and fear. However frightful they find the training, they wont drag anyone else along in their disappointment! And if anyone actually leaves, then for sure nothing else is talked about for days on end, with the result that no one else would dare to leave.
Consequently, that is why ACCD denies in public the existence of negative experiences, whereas they know only too well the countless number of people who bitterly regret their involvement; the internet is riddled with it. The reactions to critical articles are extraordinarily uncharitable, particularly by participants who maintain they Changes have become more Christlike and loving as a result of the training.

9. The financial policy is suspect.

ACCD claims to have no profit motive, yet asks just as much for a training session as its openly commercial sisters: more or less 450 euro. Does that mean these sistersdont make a profit or does the money disappear through ACCD? The participants are asked to sign financial promises in their weakest moments: always near the end of the training, when they are exhausted by sleepless nights, and when the peer pressure is the highest.

10. The promotion budget for ACCD depends on other peoples friendship

The same as the commercial variant such as Landmark, ACCD refuses to lay out money on public advertising, but involves existing friendships in order to reach their professional goals. They ask former participants to solemnly promise to bring in a specific number of their friends, and subsequently, these former participants call each other every week to check on what progress they are making; for those who have brought in too few, in protracted discussions they are talked into trying much harder to do their best. The currently unconvertedfriends are bombarded during this period with positive stories about Breakthrough Training and Discovery training, but do not realise that they are a number on someones list and cheap mlb jerseys a weekly subject for discussion. ACCD asks their former participants to misuse their friendships so as to operate at the least cost to itself.

2007, Reinier Sonneveld, translated by David S. Turner

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